Coronavirus update



as of 15th June 2020,

onyx studio

will resume business



We will provide all measures that follow the 5  steps to working safely set out by the Government.


Risk Assessment

We have run a risk assessment to ensure the workspace is safe enough to work in during the need to keep a social distance of 2 meters, making sure the space is well ventilated and cleaned down regularly between working days with antibacerial agents. We have also followed the steps to minimise risk through the following steps in line with HSE guidelines. 


Hygiene Proceedures

There will be antibacerial hand gels available and disposable towels to use in the studio. There is a communal toilet and sink on the ground floor that can be used to wash your hands and these areas will be kept clean at all times. All equipment will be cleaned down regularly with antibacterial agents.


Working from home

Where is it possible to work away from the studio we will ask people to do so. For product, commercial and editorial work we will attempt to either work alone on your products requesting you send them via a postal service or we will ask to work to a minimum number of attendants. If you wish to hire the studio we ask you to ensure your own safety and the safety of those you are working with. We currently can not permit makeup artists and non-essential team members to attend photoshoots until we have a national clearance from the government that it's safe to do so.


Social Distancing

There will be a rule of 2 meter social distancing at all times. Where this isn't possible, we will do everything practical to manage the transmission risk. Clear markings will be made for walkways in the studio.


Manage Transmission Risk

Where it is not possible to be a minimum of 2 meters apart will will make use of screens to protect others from transmission. To reduce the risk of transmission we will stagger arrival and departures of bookings to reduce unnecessary contact of others.