Retouching as a service for my clients


As part of my Photography Service, retouching is often included in the pricing of a package or the time is added to duration a project takes for commercial clients.

Initially, a sitting on a photoshoot may well take a few hours but the work does not finish there.

Meticulous attention to detail is considered when I am working towards a finished poduct ready for the client. It is crucial that the final product delivered is perfected so that it is undetectable that retouching has taken place. Poor retouching will quickly destroy the credibility of a product. Sometimes, it can be said that no retouching at all is better than a poorly retouched image. However, neither of those options are acceptible in the professional world.

Retouching as part of a package

Some of the packages available will have a set price

Retouching on a Commercial Project

Commercial services are priced on half day. full day and consecutive day rates.

Retouching as a service



Limited places Available

Methods of payment by Bank Transfer or Paypal. *Additional fees apply for Paypal options

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